Keyword Research - Finding Keyword Gems in 45 Seconds

Keyword Research - Finding Keyword Gems in 45 Seconds

We research keywords for just one reason and one reason alone, to get easy traffic. There are numerous people who don't bother with keyphrase research, many don't need them, and many more don't do it the way it should be carried out.

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I've seen people spending days yet still not landing on money keywords. It is not their fault, but it's the fault of the inadequate resources they've been referring. I'll demonstrate how you can find great keywords in 45 seconds.

To begin with, understand the fact that while finding keywords, you are not worried about monetization. Many people stop their keyword research when they find a decent keyword, and start thinking about their monetization plans. This puts a halt to your productivity.

Not all high search, low competition keywords are profitable. However the profitable keywords have reached least the sub-set of such goldmine keywords. Your job is plainly to put together a big list of keywords without thinking, and only then decide which you are profitable among them. Niche Research Service

Detail by detail Keyword Research In 45 Seconds

1. Open the disposable Google keyword research tool
2. Enter a seed word in the niche you know just isn't infested with internet marketing crowd. Niches like diet, health insurance and IM itself have lot of competition from people learning IM just like you.
3. Click "Add" in keywords showing from 1000 to 10,000 searches per month. You could go beyond 10,000, but such keywords are far too generic and have high competition.
4. On the right hand side, there is an option to view the keywords you've selected in text format. Choose it.
5. Put each keyword in double quotes and see their corresponding competition.
6. Select keywords which may have low or medium competition

Here, there's no distraction, just action. With this option often, you'll find yourself getting fast at it. Remember, keep other concerns regarding your ventures aside when researching keywords. The steps look simple, but they are exactly what you need to do to boost your productivity.